San Limites Split-Bill Spring Season 2017

18813271_215901988918887_8790873741704979549_n.jpgOn June 2nd 2017, REDi Dance Co. presented Land of Concrete at the Hudson Guild Theatre for the San Limites Split-Bill Spring Season 2017. The piece was conceptualized and choreographed by REDi Dance Company’s artistic director, Beverly Lopez. Land of Concrete explores how we live and become ourselves in a Culture of Hurry. How does a culture of hurry impact our relationship with God, the way we interact/connect with one another, and our mental and emotional stability? How can we rejoice in rest, placidity, and patience? How can we embrace stillness and see that Relaxed can still be Engaged. This ensemble production gives a unique opportunity to consider how we determine self worth. It brings movement to the idea of broken down machinery in a capitalist society. While honoring productivity and development, this piece reminds us that we are enough and  that we are valuable, even in our season of “nothingness.” The inspiration came from Alan Fadling’s An Unhurried Life. Photo Credit: Dianna Cruz


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