10/1/17: Hurricane/Earthquake Relief, R.Evolucíon Latina, and You!

Please help me support R.Evolución Latina (an affiliate of Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS) and Hurricane/Earthquake victims in Mexico and all throughout the caribbean. Even a small donation will help me achieve my goal! The process is fast, easy, and secure. Thanks so much for your support.

R.Evolucion Latina is an arts organization that continues to change the lives of individuals who need to be inspired! Not only can you expect to enter a new level of artistry when volunteering and giving back to this organization, but you will also recognize that your role as a healer, leader and community member will take off for the better as well. Well, that is what happen to me and many amazing artists who have dared to go beyond. Please help me raise funds so that the young people who need art the most can experience it for free and so that families in Mexico and throughout the caribbean can have access to basic essentials for a healthy and safe life! Any little amount helps!

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Photos taken at R.Evolucion Latina’s 2017 BWS Program and RL’s Kids Camp 2017




09/4/17: Con Raices y Ritmo!/With Roots and Rhythms with Melissa Escano

[2017] Raices y Ritmo Danza.jpg


Con Raices y Ritmo! /With Roots and Rhythms is a new series of  Afro-Indigenous Colombian Folkloric Dance classes at Immigrant Movement International, on Wednesday’s from 6:00-8:00pm. Classes are FREE, open-level and open to all! A two hour class each Wednesday until the end of October, opens with reflection and warm-up.

Join Melissa Escano as she leads this amazing series:

“The classes are centered on the traditional dances like Bullerengue, Mapale and Cumbia, which are key elements to Colombia’s cultural, social, political and day-to-day identity(ies). Through them we’ll dive into Colombia’s diversity in roots and the rhythms that have shaped our movements, history and legacies.

My intents are to:

1.) introduce people to Colombia’s culture through the music and dance,

2.) create a space for people to see and think of Colombia beyond the image that has been ingrained in American society

3.) Co-create a space in community for joy, resistance and one that holds all we carry, socially, politically, historically, physically, emotionally and mentally; allowing all of us to be joined by the drums, gaitas, maracas, and profound voices of the likes of Toto La Momposina, Petrona Martinez and Emilsen Pacheco, and

4.) Honor and pay tribute to the Elders, Ancestors of Colombia and Latin America that have and continue to pave the way for us, in every aspect of our lives. Is that intersection.  And in doing all the above I selfishly wish to feel at home, to visit my homeland each Wednesday and honor the ways it has/continues to save me in my migration journey all these years; lifting the bridge which the music and dance created so I could feel connected to mi tierra. So is all of this and more;  flexible, open level, human-based, holistically approaching dance/arts very much centered in community, for and with them, improvising, and bringing all we are, eso es la danza, eso es Con Raices y Ritmo!”


08/7/17: ModArts Dance Collective Inaugural Fundraiser @ Uplift Studios


Join ModArts Dance Collective (MADC) on Saturday, August 26 3:30-5:30 PM at Uplift Studios for a fitness class, performance, and food. We’ll sweat and fellowship to support the increase of diversity and gender equality through movement. RSVP to reserve your spot at

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Classes Lead by Beverly Lopez at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance

2474 Westchester Ave, Bx, NY,10461

A 60 minute high energy, fast pace, latin dance fitness class for all levels! Focus on musicality, and coordination, all while becoming a stronger, happier you! Classes are $12.00 each and when you buy 3 or more classes at once, you pay just $10.00 per class.

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Our Participants can tell you about their experience!

Inline image 1

After her first class Veronica said, ” That was just what I needed to get back on track!”

Inline image 2

Yolanda Said, “The kind of workout you get from this class is really thorough, you feel it everywhere! It’s way too good for $12.00!”


07/17/17: The 2016-2017 School year at Marble Hill For International Studies and The Dream Yard Project

After school students at Marble Hill High School ended the school year in a powerful way. 50 high school students took class with teaching artist Beverly Lopez, and performed for their families, fellow students, and the dream yard community, on May 17th 2017. Dream Yard in-school programs “combine standards-based arts instruction with social justice pedagogy principles to inspire students to develop character, scholarship and artistic voice to create change.”( Dream Yard Project)

Check out some of the work that was created during rehearsals:


03/2017: Collective Thread 2017 at Dixon Place

The purpose of ModArts Dance Collective’s (MADC) Collective Thread is to provide a voice and a platform to those women of underrepresented ethnic groups within the medium of dance.


The 2017 Collective Thread participating artists and dance companies for the matinee concert are Audrey Hubbard Madison/ MoJazz Dance (Brooklyn, NY), Anuradha Naimpally (Austin, TX), Chatiera Ray/The CRayProject (Long Beach, CA), Alyssa M. Parnell (Birmingham, AL), Kaoru Ikeda/MoustacheCat Dance (New York City, NY), Cyrian Reed/ Creative Discipline (Riverside, CA), Angel Chinn/NonaLee Dance Theatre (Brooklyn, NY), Melissa Escano (Bronx, NY), Leah Moriarty (Brooklyn, NY), SunAe Hwang/SUNPROJECT (Astoria, NY), Sadé M. Jones/Ashé Arts (Austin, TX), and Leah Tubbs/ModArts Dance Collective (New York City, NY).

The participating artists for the evening concert are Natasha Natraj (New York City, NY), Chien-Ying Wang/OcampoWang Dance (Monmouth Junction, NJ), Beverly Lopez/REDi Dance (Bronx, NY), Courtni Poe (Hermitage, TN), Allyson Ross/ Southern Belle Stories (New York City, NY), Robyn Ayers (New York City, NY), Jessica T Pearson (Providence, RI), Lauren C. Smith (Jacksonville, FL), Courtney J. Cook (Brooklyn, NY), Francine E. Ott (Brooklyn, NY), Clarice C. Young (Brooklyn, NY), and Leah Tubbs/ModArts Dance Collective (New York City, NY). Tickets can be purchased here:



 08/2016: Learn about the AATT ACADEMY at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance

Contact  the education coordinator or for information on registration.



08/2015: An Extremely Successful Program and Performance By Dance Bridge Summer Workshop Participants of 2015


Dance Bridge Participants talk about their experience in the program: